About The Beacon Family

TBF is a not-for-profit organization partnering the family through various activities and programs for children, parents, guardians, family assistants such as teachers, domestic helpers, child care givers and all who are involved in training the child in building sound family life as a foundation for positive society.

In our quest to involve all stakeholders, TBF FAMILY ASSISTANT SERVICES was initiated in 2015, where we train people who takes care of children or those who are interested in doing so at homes, schools, child care centers etc. and prepare them to work with families to support the family functions. In this role, TBF is educating more people in early childhood development, understanding children and relating well with children. TBF Family Assistance Services is supporting homes, centers, organizations among others in caring for children and family. Additionally, the people who participate in our courses improves on their relationship with children, others also get jobs with families that needs good support in taking care of their children. This therefore helps them gain jobs to support themselves and their families as well as knowledge to improve their lives and extend to their families.

Also, the purpose of nurturing creativity and positive values with the young has seen the steady growth of TBF creativity and innovations Hub with ANNUAL CREATIVITY AND INNOVATIVE FAIR for the young dubbed VACFAIR which has been running since 2015.

TBF HEALTHY LIFESTYLE programs are initiatives that supports the training of the young to grow with good and healthy style consciousness. Our BEACON HAND WASH program is to sustain the good habit of proper hand wash and inculcate in our daily lives.