CPF platforms portrays a global communication of Christian parenting, where the quality of publication does attract much attention and discussion. To ensure quality of our publication and to better serve fellow, an Editorial Committee takes charge of our publications. This is aimed at ensuring effective communication of sound doctrines that engender growth in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We are blessed with a  Christ-centered Editorial Committee streamlining contributions stemming from diverse backgrounds in Christian education and experiential knowledge to be compatible with the vision and mission of the organization in raising a godly generation for positive impact, with the message of the cross of Christ being central.

Interested in joining Editorial committee?

Do you have a message, write-up, research work, article, book and the like for the benefit of Christian Parenting community?



“its really a blessing to serve ”
“I am happy to join the EC”
"I like the EC and it is something I like doing very much, both checking and writing the publications as well as writing as I am led, I would like to accept the task. God bless you.”