Family Assistance Services

TBF Family Assistance Services

As part of our effort in partnering the family, TBF Family Assistance service supports functioning’s of the family in raising children and young adults, supporting the adults and the aged and to positive impact of society.

Through our various courses, counselling sessions and placement recommendations, we prepare people of various skills who are passionate about working to support the functioning of the family at homes and other family support institutions such as churches, schools and other family friendly organizations.


The following are some areas that TBF Family Assistance service is impacting society:

  • Courses, Seminar, Workshops: Family Assistance course, child-care course, win-win relationship with family assistant among others.
  • Nannies for Homes, schools, child care centers etc.
  • Household management assistants for homes and other facilities
  • Driver, cook, steward, cleaner, housekeeper with understanding of children and family life.
  • Employment for those looking to develop themselves to earn a living and support their families.
  • Job opportunities for school drop outs, young adults and youth who are working to support themselves and to sponsor their education or skills development training.
  • Equipping parents and those in various parenting and child care giving roles in understanding and better relating to children.
  • Counselling and advisory services in family matters, child-care issues and family assistant and family relationship
By employing TBF candidates you support:
  • In training for free more young people to discover who they are, attain basic child care skills, understand the importance of supporting families as positive impact of society.
  • In helping bring the young off the street
  • In helping those who would want to work in a safe environment and gather some money to continue their education
  • Reducing teenage pregnancy
  • Reducing unemployment
  • Better equipping those willing to assist families
  • And more…

Child Care Services

We provide family assistance services which include Child Care Services and Household Services. We also organise courses and Orientation for the whole Family and Family assistants, to ensure a good relationship between both parties.

Children are very valuable and yethighly vulnerable. They must therefore be entrusted with the right people to nurture and bring the best out of them.

  • How efficient and reliable is your Nanny/Babysitter (BS)?
  • Do you need a trained and trusted Nanny?

How About?

  • Getting a skilled Nanny/BS to positively impact your child.
  • Equipping your Nanny/BS with skills to better impact your child.
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Family Symposium

​This is a quarterly educational family/parenting symposium scheduled in turns for each region across the nation. ​This is aimed at sensitizing and educating more families and parents on challenging issues threatening the proper functioning of the family and empowering them through various interventions, knowledge and resource sharing to facilitate informed choices towards strengthening the functioning of the family for positive society.

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