How Many Nannnies

There are about 298,000 employed nannies in the US alone.


TBF Nanny are women with the passion of taking care of children and manages affairs of the home with or without parents. This is a career oriented position usually done on a long-term basis.

TBF Nanny is responsible but not limited to the following;

  • To provide a safe, secure and loving environment for your child (ren).
  • To stimulate your child’s all round development i.e. physical, intellectual, emotional and social.
  • To provide activities according to your child’s age and abilities including outings.
  • To undertake the responsibility for the care of your children’s rooms, laundry, toys and others as requested may be necessary.
  • To ensure proper feeding of your child with a well-balanced diet.
  • To ensure that parents’ guidelines and disciplinary rules are followed.


TBF baby sitter is usually done by teenagers and young adults. It is a temporary role of taking care of children in the absence of parents. This is usually short duration. This is more suitable for students and young adults.

  • Babysitting is an opportunity for the young to assist in caring for children
  • Develop Leadership skill
  • Earn money and gain working experience
  • Positively Impact children
  • Bless families
  • And more

Why use our service?

We present for your service the people with passion for caring and impacting positively on the child and the family. Our child care givers have undertaken the childcare course. We partner with the parents in providing the best childcare service, being careful to fully interview, background check and verification where necessary ensuring that we only endorse details of the most suitable candidates to you.
Once you complete our registration form and deliver it via e-mail or drop at our office, we will contact you presenting you further details according to your request and option.  Below are some of our passionate child caregivers. 

Our Options

  • One off matching where you recruit and manage your nanny
  • We provide, manage and maintain nanny for continuous/uninterrupted services