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Program Duration: 6 MONTHS Level A/6 MONTHS Level B (INCLUDING PRACTICALS) 30 UNITS 

Options: Mondays - Fridays (9am – 1pm) Mornings or (4pm – 8pm) Evenings

Program Starts: January and July
Admissions: Ongoing Enrollment

TBF Early Childhood Program provides a community of learning and instruction for equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills with biblical dispositions to serve as highly qualified early education professionals who support every young child’s learning and development to reach his/her God-given potential.  

  • Upon satisfactorily completing this Early Childhood certificate professional should be able to:
  • Define and apply the basic principles of child growth and development
  • Identify and work with important milestones of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development during early childhood
  • Demonstrate the ability to establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment for young children.
  • Facilitate safe, healthy environment for young children
  • Apply positive guidance techniques that support complete development of young children
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement effective assessment methods in the early childhood setting
  • Identify elements of a developmentally appropriate curriculum and overall learning environment in the early childhood setting
  • Apply the recommended strategies for building and maintaining positive relationships with families
  • Formulate strategies to develop and maintain a successful program operation
  • Identify the requirements for maintaining a commitment to professionalism and ethical conduct
  • The Certificate of Early Childhood Education trains individuals for 
  • Entry-level positions in schools, day cares and organizations that work with young kids. 
  • Early intervention therapist, 
  • Teaching assistant at primary and Playgroup/Nursery/Kindergarten/pre-school level and even work as a private nanny as well as in the Children Ministry and child care centers. 
  • Foundation to enrolling to a diploma/degree program for higher certificates. 
  •   This program offers opportunity to pursue career as  
  • Early childhood teacher 
  • Child care coordinator/Administrator
  • Child care center Manager/Facilitator