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As an organization, TBF aims at empowering coming generations develop full potentials through Education towards building foundations for sustainable developments goals in eradicating poverty. 

We partner in training and education of children towards building developmental foundations through financially self-sustaining products and services through education, trainings and employment.

 Taking on challenges like eradicating poverty, building foundation for sustainable developments etc. takes big ideas and radical changes in thinking. We believe in the power of education to turn challenges into opportunities to create lasting solutions.

Financial Partners: Your philanthropic giving goes into building needed infrastructure for growth and expansion for these programs. It would not just have a one life but would be invested over and over again to empower coming generations for social good.

Skillful and Resourceful Partners: Volunteering valuable skills and resources to serve in the various areas of the organization adds to the value of services going into shaping lives, building potentials and capacities as foundation for sustainable developments in eradicating poverty. 

Collaborations and alliance partners: Teamwork brings to bear greater possibilities and power to increase impact. We are open to collaborations, alliances and cooperation to enrich our offerings for both children and adults. 



We have so far trained for free about 250 people in basic child care and family assistance services. After their trainings, about 60% of the participants gained employment by themselves in schools, homes, care centers etc., 5% redirected their focus to other areas and about 35% got jobs through our jobs placement services for families at homes, schools, child care centers etc.

Give toward training qualified but needy

Give towards Train the trainer program



TBF runs the concept of nurturing creativity and innovations from early ages involving Parents, Teacher and Children.

Get involved in activities and programs that helps develops creativity right from early ages.

Sponsor needy children in creativity nurturing programs

Give towards Training facilitators



The initiated BEACON HAND WASH program launched in 2016 is contributing in inculcating and sustaining the good habit of proper hand wash lifestyle in both children and adult in society.

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